Monday 29 October 2012

Ruald Rheeder – SA designer of NOTE!

This past weekend I went shopping at YDE and came across clothes from a fantastic designer named Ruald Rheeder. His clothes look amazing, and in my books he is a designer of NOTE! I am sure that in a few years time we will see his clothes on runways all over the world such as in New York, Paris, Milan, etc. Ruald recently showcased at Mercedes Benz Africa Fashion Week, I have not been to the show nor have I heard any rumours but I am sure the runway show was a success!
Ruald Rheeder has his own signature line, RUALD RHEEDER® and it has become one of the best selling men’s labels in YDE. Ruald definatley designs for the ‘modern fashionable’ South African guy. One question I had though was, why does he not have more rail space?
His clothes are definitely a seller as I went to both Eastgate YDE and Sandton YDE and could not find the nautical ‘white t-shirt with blue stripes on’.
I have posted some pictures of his clothes from the RUALD RHEEDER®line so that you can have a look at the amazing clothes.
Visit for more information about the talented SA designer!!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Team Bugatti - Models and Bottles

Best Party of the Year!!

Models & Bottles: The Yacht Club - 20/10/2012

If you haven't been to a #teambugatti party yet than you have not been to a party! When you hear team bugatti you think of elegance, luxury, opulence and extravagance. And guess what, all of those adjectives which I named describes the group as a whole. According to their Facebook page "Team Bugatti isn't just another group.. Its a LIFESTYLE... Its a lifestyle that combines #LUXURY and the #PleasuresOfLife..."

Team Bugatti housted a party on Saturday (20/10/2012) and I was amazed by their hospitality and friendliness. They literally spoke to everyone at the party and made everyone feel at ease and comfortable and made sure everyone had a good time. Not to mention the party was open bar. The drinks selection which they had included: Ciroc, Grey Goose, Belvedere, Johnny Walker Black, Moet & Chandon Champane to name a few! After attending the party I am definately a team bugatti fan! Well Done Guys.

Stay living your SWAG life.