Swag Craze is a site dedicated to bring you the latest information on various topics which includes fashion trends, street style, personal style, skin care and events to name a few.

The meaning of our name:
  • Swag – is an attitude.
  • Craze – the latest thing. It relates to what the latest things / trends are in popular culture.

Our attitude influences how we behave, how we spend our money, etc. Swag Craze aim to influence, inform and educate our readers around the world.

The Swag Craze Crew

Quinley Botha is the founder and editor of Swag Craze.

Connect with Quinley on:
Twitter: @quinleyb
Instagram: @quinleyb
E-mail: swagcrazeint@gmail.com 

Melicia Gindan is the Entertainment Director of Swag Craze.

Connect with Melicia on:
Twitter: @gindanmel
Instagram: @gindanmel
E-mail: swagcrazeint@gmail.com

Want to join the Swag Craze Crew?

We are currently looking for creative people such as photographers, videographers, graphic designers, etc. If you feel like you have what it takes to join our crew, email your CV and a sample of your work to swagcrazeint@gmail.com.

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