Monday, 5 August 2013

Samsung GALAXY Camera (EK-GC100): More than just a camera

The Samsung GALAXY Camera is more than just a traditional compact camera; it is an amazing gadget that combines all of the features of a high-end smartphone (except the ability to make voice calls). It is easy to use and comes with the familiar Android Jelly Bean (4.1) operating system.

I received this cool gadget to review as part of the 3rd challenge for the GQ Style Blogger Start-Up in association with Orange. As a blogger it is always important to have a camera that can take amazing pictures. I loved the Samsung GALAXY camera because I am not a professional photographer, and the camera allowed me to take ‘professional looking’ photos using the different shooting modes.
It is true that when you love something you can spend hours talking about it and/or writing about it so that the other person can share your experience, therefore, this review is quite lengthy but please bear with me as I try to cover most of the features I enjoyed most.


As a fashion blogger, the most important factor of any gadget is the way it looks! Your camera, your watch, your cell phone and all of your gadgets complement your personal style. The size of the camera is just perfect! Not too big, not too small. It fits perfectly into one’s hand. The finger-grip also makes it easier to hold the camera steady when taking photos. The camera also has a pop up Xenon flash.

It has a large touchscreen, which gives you the opportunity to view, enjoy and edit your pictures on the large (4.8 inch) HD (1280x720) display. The camera has a 21x zoom lens which extends when zooming. The lens closes when you use the other features on the camera such as tweeting, editing pictures, playing games, watching videos, listening to music, and so much more!

The Samsung GALAXY Camera has an f/2.8, 23mm wide angle lens that has 21x optical zoom. This means that you can take great quality close-up pictures without actually needing to be close to the subject. It also has a 16-megapixel 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor.
I have used the Zoom feature to capture the detail on the Versace shoe
Apps and Social Media Integration
This is by far my most favourite feature of the camera. The ability to upload pictures onto social networking sites via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection (remember you can’t make calls). The camera comes standard with the ability to share via Email, Google+, Dropbox, or direct via Bluetooth, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
The Samsung GALAXY camera also comes with Photo Wizard pre-installed which you can use to edit your photos and videos as well as delete and rearrange video scenes, add music and insert text. Since the camera uses the Android OS there are tons of apps that you can download from the Google Play Store such as Photoshop, Angry Birds, etc.

Other features which I liked
  • The camera comes with a battery and charger which means that those days of buying expensive alkaline batteries at a store or garage are gone!
  • Different camera modes especially Best Face (which takes a quick burst of five images and then lets you select the best facial expressions).
  • The ability to surf the internet, tweet from the camera (this feature is great for when the cell phone battery dies).
The Samsung GALAXY camera cost R4,448 (price subject to change) and is available on the Orange online store. The Orange online store has a vast range of mobile phones, tablets, computing and electronics. 
The Samsung GALAXY Camera (GC100) is a definite must have for us Millenials and fellow Generation Z’s. We grew up with technology and this camera will help us stay connected and share our favourite moments and the food we love to eat (on Instagram)! Click here here to purchase the camera.

Here are more interesting pictures which I took with the Samsung GALAXY Camera for you to enjoy:
Proudly South African

Street Style

Amazing Graffiti shot

Jhb at night using Night Mode



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