Monday 16 November 2020

First Look: PUMA x Cloud9 which is now available online!

PUMA has teamed up with esports brand Cloud9 for a second collection, including the debut of PUMA x Cloud9 branded footwear along with apparel and accessories all featuring striking Cloud9 blue vibes mixed with bold PUMA designs.


The latest from PUMA and Cloud9 was made for the casual gamer at home and for those who compete on the big stage, allowing gamers of all levels to be comfortable no matter what they’re playing.

PUMA’s Future Rider (R1 699) gets a Cloud9 spin, with a casual street style accented with Cloud9’s vibrant blue throughout and a lightweight midsole for soft cushioning. Apparel includes the PUMA x Cloud9 Corrupted Legging (R899), Corrupted Windbreaker for women (R1 599) and men (R1 699), All Set Cargo Pant (R1 299) and a PUMA Tee (R599) as well as the Jigsaw, All Set and Disconnect Tees (R449). Accessories like the PUMA x Cloud9 Cap (R449), Multi Waist Bag (R549) ad Reversible Bucket Hat (R599) finish the look.


Although not available in South Africa, the collection also includes PUMA x Cloud9 RS-X and the AGF (Active Gaming Footwear).


PUMA x Cloud9 is available on and ATK Online.

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