Friday 9 November 2012

My Selfridges Moment

September this year I made my first trip to London.One thing I have to say is that London is a 'fashionable' city. I was amazed by the style of the people especially in Oxford street. Doing shopping in London is definitely a fantastic experience after New York... Hopefully someday I would get the same feeling in Johannesburg (when shopping).

The shop that got my attention the most in Oxford street was Selfridge & Co Ltd. The Louis Vuitton designs by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama caught my eye and tons of people as well. All of us admired the beauty within the window displays. A lot of students also got inspiration from the designs and started sketching from what they saw in the Selfridge window display.

I then decided to go in! Heaven on earth! Luxury brands, left right and centre! Why can't we have a Selfridge in South Africa?

I made sure I bought at least one item from the store! Hopefully when I get to go again and have more Selfridge moments :)

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