Wednesday 6 February 2013

Trend Alert: Dope swag clothing!

A lot of people say ‘swag is so 2012’ but guess what? They are right!!

Some of you might be shocked about the statement which I just made because blog is dedicated to the swag lifestyle.
Well, the reason why I agree with that statement and with the people is because I agree with them ‘swag is so 2012’. This year (in 2013) we are taking swag to a higher level - this year it is not just swag but DOPE SWAG!
One of the reasons why 'dope swag' is being used and not just swag is because we are using the word ‘dope’ more in society; for example have you ever had a person coming up to you and say: “hey, you have a dope haircut! Or you have a dope t-shirt!”
If you have experienced those incidents than I must say you left swag behind and upgraded to dope swag. I have posted some pictures of clothes which I found on the internet, that exudes dope swag!
So guys if people want to tell you that swag is for boys and class is for men, tell them screw you I am dope!
Till next time!

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