Monday 2 September 2013

Must Have Gents: G-Star RAW

A must have for every person this summer is pieces from the 2013 G-Star Summer Collection. The Swag Craze team recently attended the G-Star RAW summer launch in Sandton City and loved what they have on offer.

The G-Star summer collection for men includes:

New 3D Denim For Men
G-Star continues the evolution of 3D denim and introduces new fits for men, the Type C pant and A-Crotch. The Type C features a 3D bowleg silhouette and an extremely loose top block with a low crotch construction, inspired by vintage workwear pants. G-Star also introduces a new A-Crotch. The panel inserted on the inside of the leg creates a 3D silhouette, which is further articulated by the horizontal seam (a dart) on the inside leg panel. The A-Crotch also features distinct details including the exaggerated pockets, and the A-shaped artwork on the back pockets.

3D Denim Jackets
Originator of 3D denim with the G-Star Elwood and Arc pant, G-Star now applies the same techniques to denim jackets. The 3D sleeves - designed using innovative paper patterns - allow for greater freedom of movement, due to the intelligent sleeve construction.

Red Listing Denim For Men
The men’s Red Listing range features the ring/ring-spun Ravage denim, whose warp and weft are spun in the original, authentic way, creating an irregular and rich surface in the final denim fabric. In accordance with authentic jean making, the Red Listing denims feature selvedge on the inside of the fly and coin pocket. The base of the Ravage denim is an intense deep indigo colour, due to 8 dips in pure indigo and the oxidation process. The 3301 Low Tapered features a light aged finishing combines with premium destroy, whereas the Radar denim features a medium aged destroyed washing.

Hunter Program For Men
Inspired by the G-Star Elwood, the first 3D denim design, G-Star includes this season the Hunter program. The range features a complete range of denims, all identified by the flap-pocket detail. The Hunter 5620 3D Low Tapered features G-Star Elwood detailing, such as the butt-pad, while the Hunter Slim Blazer and Hunter Bomber Jacket have a clean look with minimal detailing, directing all attention to the flap-pockets.
Premium Destroy Denim Fabrics
The process of creating destroyed denim is an art by itself. Finished by hand, it takes expertise to make denim look and feel natural, old and authentic. Every G-Star denim is made with an eye for craftsmanship to create a premium Destroy finish that makes every pant unique. Highlight for the men’s range is the Red Listing Ravage denim in the modern 3301 Low Tapered fit, with a premium destroy finish enhanced by brushed areas and paint spots.

G-Star Summer Blue For Men
Every season G-Star continues its search for the perfect blue. This summer the denim range for men includes an emphasis on bright, aqua like, denim blue. The Arc Loose Tapered comes in Azure denim, which combines an intense blue with white paint spots for a summer look. Also the G-Star Elwood, that marked the beginning of the 3D denim evolution, features a blue that is very bright at the knees and upper legs.

You can find the new collection in G-Star Raw Stores. If you recently bought an item from the new collection, tweet us a picture @swagcraze1


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