Sunday 17 November 2013

Experience at the FNB WhiskyLive festival

Last week Thursday (7 November 2013) I had the pleasure of attending the FNB WhiskyLive festival in Sandton City thanks to Lion's Wing Brand Communications. I was amazed by the number of whiskeys that one could taste. There was quite a few well-known brands which I drink on a regular basis. I enjoyed tasting the different whiskeys at the festival - especially the expensive ones!
After walking around and visiting most of the stands, my favourite was of course the Chivas Regal stand. This is because:
  • Chivas Regal provided us with the REAL gentleman experience!
  • The queues were not THAT long!
  • The stand was big enough to accommodate everyone as the night progressed. I never felt ‘cramped’ whilst visiting the Chivas Stand.
  • They had the most beautiful girls – entering the gents who haven’t previously designed their suits on the Chivas microsite (
  • They also had a shoe shiner to ensure our shoes shine ‘bright like a diamond’ before we left!
Here are some pictures below so that you can see:



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