Thursday 6 February 2014

New York City is Once Again Fashion Capital of the World

New York City reclaimed its title as fashion capital of the world, after London held the title for two years. The city also beat Paris by 0.05%. Paris is however still the Top Global Fashion Capital for Haute Couture.

New York City has, indeed, earned its Top Global Fashion Capital ranking through its disciplined, methodical yet creative approach to its fashion industry.” said Bekka Payack, New York-based Fashion Director  for The Global Language Monitor. 

She also added that: “Paris, with the Top Haute Couture ranking, of course has a centuries-long heritage, having invented the very concept, also scored highly in the pret-a-porter category. This year’s rankings also demonstrate the creative energy that is emerging worldwide in terms of fashion as a jobs, income and wealth generator, not to mention the prestige associated with exporting your fashion sense to the world.”
Cape Town (27) and Johannesburg (37) were the only two African cities who made the list in the top 55. I am a bit surprised that Cape Town beats Johannesburg considering that major fashion events such SA Fashion Week, MBFWJhb and MBFWAfrica takes place in Joburg.
Here are a few of the Top Global Fashion Capitals according to The Global Language Monitor:
1. New York
2. Paris
3. London
4. Los Angeles
5. Barcelona
6. Rome
7. Berlin
8. Sydney
9. Antwerp
10. Shangai
11. Tokyo
12. Milano
13. Florence
14. Madrid
15. Sao Paulo
27. Cape Town
37. Johannesburg

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