Thursday 20 November 2014

GROOMING – Beard Sacrifice This Movember

Image Source: Movember
Each year the Movember Foundation challenges men to grow moustaches during Movember, to spark conversation and raise vital funds for its men’s health programs. To date, 4 million moustaches have been grown worldwide. In South Africa, Movember has partnered with CANSA where funds raised from each campaign are allocated towards men’s health survivorship and research programmes.

Facial hair is strongly associated with masculinity and often carries powerful and complex cultural meanings. This year the Movember Foundation challenged Mo Bro’s (the gents who groom, trim and wax to get the perfect moustache) to shave their beards in the name of Men’s Health! It is not always easy to shave one’s beard, especially if you have been growing it for a while.

Throughout the years, facial hair has seen many different styles and shapes, dependent on the personality of the gentleman as well as the style of the time. Jessica Pleass shares a few styles and also the products we should use whilst shaving our beards this month!

1. The Natural Look

The natural look on James Franco. Source: Instagram
If you are experimenting with facial hair for the first time this Movember, you may not be willing to get to creative. One of the subtlest moustaches is the ‘natural’ look; this moustache is popular among many due to the low maintenance required. This moustache is normally grown to a medium length, and is the best moustache for beginners or men who have the ability to grow a full moustache, however choose to keep it sporty and tame.

Truefitt and Hill Pre-shave oil. Available at Victorian Bathrooms for R295
If you are able to grow a full thick beard, however would like to try the natural look this Movember, Truefitt and Hill recommends using the Pre-shave oil before styling as this softens the hair to ensure the perfect shave.

2. The Imperial

The imperial look on Ambrose Burnside. Source: Mustaches & Beards
The imperial moustache is for the more daring; this moustache is reserved for civil war reenactments or other types of theatrical involvement. This moustache extends out to either side and expands into a full beard; the chin however is left clean-shaven.

Truefitt and Hill luxury shaving soap. Available at Victorian Bathrooms for  R280
The use of Truefitt and Hills luxury shaving soap will allow for the perfect smooth shave every time.

3. The Handlebar

The handlebar moustache. Source: Mustaches & Beards

The handlebar moustache, which name comes from the style resembling the shape of bicycle handlebars, is a classic mustache that was historically worn by Italian men with a high level of sophistication. This moustache is not for the faint hearted, as this type of moustache requires a great deal of effort. The handlebar moustache is bushy and is often characterized by thinning out the sides that are then curled upward. The handlebar mustache rose to fame in Europe where 18th century soldiers sported this look. In the United States the Handlebar mustache was popular among cowboys and the Wild West.

4. The ‘Fu Manchu’

The 'Fa Manchu' moustache. Source: Wikipedia

The fu manchu is often accompanied by a lengthy goatee and is included in many British novels. This moustache is best suited for men with thin facial hair and requires you to grow the sides thin and long.

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If you are looking at getting creative and trying the Fu Manchu this Movember and prefer to leave the chin clean shaven, Truefitt and Hill recommends the Shaving cream bowl. The product contains a rich, moisturizing lather that will facilitate a comfortable yet close shave, allowing the focus to remain on the mustache.

Let us know (Twitter, Facebook or email) if you have shaved your beard for Movember.  Also, check out Swag Craze tomorrow for details on another exciting competition where you can win an amazing product!

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