Tuesday 3 November 2015

Introducing the Burkina Faso Collection by RBA

As a proud African brand, RBA’s summer collection is dedicated to Burkina Faso’s brave and fighting spirit as showcased in recent times.

In 2014, Burkina Faso as a nation opposed and impeached the president of 32 years, Blaise Compaoré. This year, Blaise Compaoré maneuvered a “coup d’état” and overthrew the transitional president. The brave people of Burkina Faso fought against the putschists and reestablished the government.

RBA’s headwear collection consists of 10 pieces. The brand’s classics such as the Lumumba cap is made of real cork and the Sankara is made of pleather. RBA also added baseball caps, minimally designed and produced with a variety of suede and subliminal twill. See the dope headwear collection below:


The collection is exclusively available online and at Shesha stores throughout the country.

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