Thursday 21 August 2014

Introducing Weixelbaumer Design

Inimitable vision through bespoke design

Established in 1980, Weixelbaumer Design was founded by architect Klaus Weixelbaumer and interior designer Kathrin Weixelbaumer. A family run business, the team also includes daughter Klaudia who acts as both designer and project manager. Based in Cape Town, the studio specialises in commercial and residential interiors both locally and abroad, championing the creation of personalised décor of the highest standard.
Bespoke Above All
 “The vision for our company is very clear. To work with exciting clients and help them achieve their design dream,” Kathrin explained when asked about the company’s distinctive ethos. Drawing inspiration from their clients’ passions, Kathrin and Klaudia aim to transform every space into an outward reflection of the client’s personality. Rather than referencing global trends, the duo prefers to adopt an organic and natural creative process driven by a unique aesthetic point of view. “We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ decor. We align with artists in the field in order to create interiors that cannot be repeated, with regards to intricate detailing and design,” added Klaudia.
A Family Affair
Klaudia grew up surrounded by all things design. “I always felt hugely lucky growing up with this creativity and inspiration around me,” she said.  This naturally steered a path to design school, studying at Design Time School of Interior Design in Cape Town before moving to London to establish her career.  “When Weixelbaumer Design was appointed to carry out the refurbishment of the Cape Grace Hotel, I decided to come home and be a part of this project. I couldn't miss out on that!” she exclaimed.
Working as a tight knit family unit has enabled Kathrin and Klaudia to tune in to one another fully both personally and professionally. Since embarking on this journey, the duo has grown closer than ever, feeding off the abundance of creative energy and enthusiasm. “When working with family you are quite often on the same page and the joys and celebrations are maximised. It empowers you to take more risk, giving the client more bang for their buck” Kathrin added.
A Diverse Portfolio
The Weixelbaumer Design portfolio includes a diverse mix of residential and commercial projects ranging from private homes to hospitality giants like the Cape Grace Hotel. From high-end clientele to design on a shoestring, Kathrin and Klaudia strive to exceed expectations one creative journey at a time.  Exceptionally focused and entirely dedicated, the team is excited to see what the future has in store for their vibrant design business.
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