Thursday 14 August 2014

Fabiani x The Fabiani Cafe x MBFWCT 2014 x Spring/Summer 2015

The clatter of cups and saucers, whistling of steam and an intoxicating scent of freshly ground coffee beans fill the air. A high shine marble bar counter holds up perched elbows boasting an array of rolled up sleeves, coloured cuffs and classic timepieces. Voices steadily rise above the buzz of scooters humming past the crowded entrance.  Patrons spill out onto the piazza outside, a vision of slim blazers and tailored shirts in bright neon’s and quintessential white, royal blue and red.

The barista shouts above a wave of gesturing hands, signalling the arrival of two steaming espressos. Sweptback heads and bearded faces look up as a sea of floral prints glide across the room narrowly missing waiters as they skip from table to table delivering drinks. Soft luxurious cottons and crisp clean Poplins populate the space with touches of Cotton Sateen prevalent in suiting. Woven details add surface texture and bold bursts of ocean blue reminiscent of the glistening Mediterranean add a sense of calm to the chaos.

The heat of summer adds to the sparkling ambience and perfectly matches the patrons’ ruggedly elegant attire. Narrow leg trousers allow for a glimpse of olive skinned ankles with overstated cuffed hems that show off burnished monk straps. In an ode to nonchalant style, the last buckle is always left unfastened. Outside the sound of leather soles rings across the lively piazza and handcrafted lace up derbies, tassel loafers, gladiator sandals and drivers move like a wave across the cobbled sidewalks.

A summer breeze, flowing down from the Tuscan hills, flaps upturned collars of vibrant Polo’s and blows wisps of hair across chiselled faces. Pocket hankies and printed ties add a touch of eccentric humour whilst fashion fedoras perch nonchalantly on nodding heads. This is the world of The Fabiani CafĂ©  - style since 1978.

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Image Credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo 

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