Tuesday 12 May 2015

Maximum Cooling. The Revolution Continues – adidas Climachill Now In Sleek Black!

Realising that when it comes to performance, every degree matters, the new adidas Climachill black t-shirt helps you perform at your very best by regulating body temperature to remain cool in adverse conditions. Launched globally in April, the revolution continues through new age design and cotton-like material for maximum cooling.

Not only sleek in design and aesthetics, the new adidas Climachill t-shirt is also at the forefront of active-cooling technology. How? Thanks to its instant-cool sensation and advanced heat and moisture transfer capabilities, it assists athletes of all levels to train harder and run longer, with a direct positive outcome on their overall focus and performance. Put through the paces, the new Climachill black t-shirt is endorsed by professional international athletes, including footballer Gareth Bale and tennis star, Simona Halep.

The adidas Climachill range has been revolutionary in active cooling technology due to its uniquely engineered design profile: industry-first 3D aluminum-cooling spheres are strategically located on the back and neck to correspond with the warmest area of the body, and provide an instant cooling sensation on contact. A microfibre fabric allows the garment to act like mesh and transports excess moisture away from your skin. The revolutionary SubZero flat yarn contains titanium and maximises surface contact with skin, transferring more heat away from the body.

Maarten Hupperets, Director Future Sport Science at adidas explains why it is important to consider body temperature during working out: 'Activity in high ambient temperatures offers a particular challenge to the human thermoregulatory system. Humans strive to maintain a stable body core temperature of about 37°C. In response to exercise, as metabolic demand and heat production increases, the body core temperature can increase to 3°C in warm ambient conditions. To maintain a stable body core temperature, the human body will make efforts to lose excess heat. Climachill line has been rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art Clima chamber as high as 122° F/ 50° C exactly to find the best possible answer to facilitate body cooling. We are confident that out innovation and coolest t-shirt ever helps athletes of every level keep their peak optimum temperature to perform at their best in any conditions.'

For more information, visit adidas.com/climachill, and follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with @adidasZA #climachill & #uncontrolyourself.

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