Thursday 21 May 2015

Coming Soon: The Second South African Menswear Week in Cape Town

Jenevieve Lyons, SAMW

The second South African Menswear Week (SAMW) will take place in Cape Town, South Africa over four days from Wednesday, 01 July to Saturday, 04 July 2015.   Following from the hugely successful inaugural event held at the beginning of February 2015 at the V&A Waterfront, the second event looks to build on the foundations of the first. SAMW is the only men’s focussed fashion platform in Africa, showcasing four days of menswear on the runway. This second event features even more  collections, showcasing the best of over 25 leading and most sought after menswear designers in Africa.

Naked Ape, SAMW

SAMW is a biannual event, with this second installment taking place in July to showcase the Spring/Summer (SS16) collections.  SAMW was initiated to celebrate the creative and commercial importance of South Africa and Africa’s menswear industry.  The February collections were considered a ground breaking event within South Africa’s fashion industry, firmly establishing the platform as the go-to, must show fashion week platform in Africa for menswear designers.

Augustine, SAMW

The line-up for the fashion showcase in July 2015 will host an impressive list of South African and African men’s fashion designers, ranging from emerging talent, to the up-and-coming, and the more established designers. Whilst the majority of February’s designers have signed up to showcase their new collections, there are numerous new and established big names joining the schedule for July.  The full schedule of designers will be announced on 01 June 2015.  Join SAMW and be the first to witness fashion forward trends, fresh designers and the launch of new collections.

The SAMW will work alongside the designers to develop business and profiling opportunities. This platform provides African talent to build brands and labels, increase exposure, which supports sales and assists in expanding business by creating job employment.  A focussed marketing platform designed to create and build awareness and demand for designers taking part, SAMW aims to create the next generation of menswear designers.

Craig Port, SAMW

Owner and founder of SA Menswear Week, Ryan Beswick said “We’re building on the success of the February collections, aiming to improve on all areas and develop the next level of African fashion week event.  Taking international best practice and combining it with what works for designers and the industry locally, we must retain our focus on a sound business case, with marketing and promotion opportunities for designers to take their brands to the next level”.

More details to follow closer to the date!

CSquared, SAMW
Image Credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo 


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