Thursday 21 April 2016

#CareerAdvice: So you want to work in fashion? Tips for aspiring fashion designers

Heart & Heritage Spring/Summer16, SAFW

Are you dreaming of showing off your clothing at a major Fashion Week? If yes, read these fashion designer tips, you are going to be well on your way to making your fashion dreams come true.

Work hard

‘Be prepared to work very hard, learn from criticism but don’t let it defeat you, make friends with your customers and network within the industry to learn about available opportunities and then be brave and go for them with 100% effort.- Lesley Whitter, Heart & Heritage

Learn the Business of Fashion

‘Business skills are as essential as a great design. Being a fashion designer is the rawest form of entrepreneurship. Not only are you creating a garment from a sketch you also need to then sell it. Do a business course, read business books and do not be afraid of failing. As long as you learning from your mistakes you are growing. If you really want to be a fashion designer embrace the lessons and you will only get better. Remember no one said it’s going to be easy!’ GreerKyle

Start Selling

‘Get out there and start selling on any platform possible! Try, fail, adapt and try again. There is no quick fix in fashion it's a long haul. It's definitely not glamorous but if you can make it through the dirt road and pay your dues, I speak from experience - it can work and it's so worth it!’ – Melissa Somerset, Somerset Jane


‘Get to know people in the industry and make connections, become familiar. You never know when you might need a favour, or you could get involved in a cool collaboration!’ James Barrett-Poulsen, LUMIN

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