Monday 4 April 2016

Lufthansa 1st Best Collections Showcases SA’s Best Fashion Design Talent

Lufthansa 1st Best Collections Finalists

Leading international carrier Lufthansa is again sponsoring one of the most keenly anticipated showcases at the SA Fashion week, the Lufthansa 1st Best Collections. This initiative provides the country’s young emerging designers with the opportunity to showcase their collections and introduce the world to their talents.

The designers who are considered to represent the future of the local fashion industry are selected by the SA Fashion Week board to provide greater exposure to their brands. “Lufthansa German Airlines is proud to be the official airline partner of the SA Fashion Week,” says Dr Andre Schulz, General Manager, Southern Africa, at Lufthansa. “Not only is the Lufthansa 1st Best Collections a celebration of entrepreneurship, is it also a unique opportunity to take locally inspired fashion across the globe, connecting South Africa to the fashion capitals of the world.”

This year marks Lufthansa’s fourth year of sponsoring the 1st Best Collections at the SA Fashion Week. Seven designers have been selected to showcase their designs at the show on Tuesday, 5 April, at 21:30, at Hyde Park, House of Events on 7. This year’s finalists are: Somerset Jane, T’Niche, Lumin, Greerkyle, and Heart & Heritage. The winner of the show will be announced on the Tuesday evening after the show.

“The Lufthansa 1st Best Collections is an important platform for next-generation designers who have been in the industry for less than a decade,” says Lucilla Booyzen, Director of SA Fashion Week. “Although all the finalists possess a particularly strong signature, good design alone is not enough to help good young designers become brilliant designers who go on to play a leading role in the creative fashion design space of a country.

“It takes hard work combined with the correct marketing platform, social media savvy, correct timing, master manufacturing, the right clientele, celebrities, and personal marketability for a designer to be seen by the media and other key players. They need to be pushed into the limelight where they are recognised, talked about and given opportunities to fast-track their businesses. Through 1st Best Collections, Lufthansa is providing these designers with an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Dr Schulz, joined by other fashion industry professionals, made no joke when reviewing the business cases and collections of the above selected designers. “Certain criteria were under spotlight. The importance of having general business acumen was equally weighted against a designer’s self-awareness,” said Dr Schulz.

“We want the winning designer to succeed. Our show provides a platform for the designers to draw support from the SAFW network. Being business savvy, as well as having the aptitude to amplify their brand, is critical in making the most of all opportunities that will present themselves to the winner. The finalists selected will proudly represent the best of emerging local talent in this year’s Lufthansa 1st Best Collections,” concludes Jola Slomkowski, Marketing Manager, Lufthansa, South Africa.

Tickets to the Lufthansa 1st Best Collections show can be purchased on the SA Fashion Week Website at:

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