Wednesday 14 September 2016

Introducing the Next Wave of #genNMD

In March, adidas Originals used the power of urban photographers and imagery to capture the spirit of urban exploration as #genNMD. This time around, they have collaborated with musicians and producers whom embody the creative spirit of urban exploration, as they use their cities as inspiration for raw creation.
adidas Originals collaborated with three progressive artists, Nomuzi, DJ Lag and Sebastian Zanassi, on a film series telling their stories and exploring how the sonics of their city inspire their sound.

Nomuzi Mabene

‘NMD resonates with me because I am literally a young women living in an urban world. The way my life is designed I am never really stagnant you know I live in Johannesburg but I could be performing in Cape Town or Harare or wherever my life and my work takes me.’

DJ Lag

‘I come from a city of style and culture and these two elements motivate me greatly to implement GQOM wave.


Sebastiano Zanasi

To traverse different spaces means to learn about context, people and sound. These
are all insights to how people and the city co-exist and it’s these relationships that make
Cape Town a creative force in the world.’

You can also be part of the sneaker conversation by using the hashtag #genNMD

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