Wednesday 13 March 2013

Ruald Rheeder : MBJFW 2013 Autumn/Winter Collection

Ruald Rheeder was the second show I attended at Mercedes-Benz Johannesburg Fashion Week 2013. His collection was both edgy and sophisticated. He followed the autumn/winter theme throughout his show. His collection anticipates the winter season that lies ahead.

There were several highly desirable pieces in his collection, but overall I liked all of his looks! His collection included suits, fitted blazers, sleek jackets, tailored trousers and must-have coats.

Everyone in the audience whipped out their phones when the model came down the runway wearing a fur coat! My favourite piece from the collection was the gold suit.

Ruald used a sophistaced palette of black, grey, brown and gold. I loved how he used the fabrics (velvet, suede, faux fur, silk, wool, leather & lace) and prints in his collection.

Ruald Rheeder's collection is well-executed and takes most recent fashion trends into account. He is definitely taking men’s fashion to another level in South Africa.

Visit for more pictures from his autumn/winter collection!

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