Friday 27 February 2015

Unlock the Swag: PUMA x ALIFE – The Coolest Collection right NOW! Part 1

New York City’s downtown youth street culture re-created in Johannesburg!

ALIFE has always been associated with New York’s COOL. This season they have collaborated with PUMA and produced a really dope collection. The collection seamlessly pulls together ALIFE’s diverse creativity while staying true to PUMA’s heritage. Through apparel, footwear and accessories the collection tells the story of Downtown New York; an integral part of PUMA’s rich street wear history.

This week, I have ‘unlocked my swag’ with this cool collection. 

There is nothing better then wearing the dope pieces from the PUMA x ALIFE collection.

The three-diamond logo of ALIFE Rivington Club is combined with large polka dots. The PUMA x ALIFE collection is definitely eye-catching, with the clever use of graphics and logos.

The PUMA x ALIFE collection is a MUST HAVE!!! The PUMA x ALIFE collection will be available in PUMA SELECT stores in Cape Town, Bree Street, and Johannesburg, Braamfontein, as well as X Trend, Dip St Store, Shelflife, Prime, Lyme and Lost Property stores in South Africa.

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