Friday 19 June 2015

MUST HAVE: Africology Limited Edition Shave Kit – Your Face Will Thank You!

Given the cold temperature we have been experiencing across the country since the start of winter, many guys have started to grow their beards so that they can have a warmer neck and face. However, there are a few (including myself) whose habits are hard to break, and who shave throughout the year regardless of the season. 

Last year, I got introduced to the Africology brand and their amazing products and spa’s. Africology is one of the leaders in providing natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa’s and skin care products. They are a proudly South African company who has achieved success in the USA, Europe and Britain. They only use natural ingredients that are bio-identical to one’s biology, in order to enhance the integrity of our skin whilst simultaneously preventing premature again. 

I was very pleased last week when I used their shave kit. The products in the shave kit left my face soft, hydrated, protected and it smelled really nice after shaving. Africology’s shave kit is a definite MUST HAVE this season. The products (each 25ml) in the Africology shave kit include cleansing gel, shave cream and beard balm.

Africology Shave Cream

Africology has produced a great shave cream. It provides a smoother shave as it is soft and easy to lather. It contains natural ingredients such as Shea butter and coconut oil which provides great moisturizing benefits. One’s skin is left feeling soft and hydrated after using it. The shave cream also leaves one’s skin protected as the Shea butter contains natural SPF7.

Verdict: I was duly impressed with the quality of the shave cream.

Africology Cleansing Gel

They say good cleansing is essential to having great and healthy skin, therefore I was ‘chuffed’ to see that the shave kit contains cleansing gel. It was also great to see that the gel was made of natural ingredients and contains quillaja and soapwort (mild cleansing and foaming agents). 

Verdict: I love how the gel feels on my skin, fresh and soft!

Africology Beard Balm

The shave kit also contains beard balm to help condition one’s beard while taming split ends. In producing the product, they have used a proprietary blend of natural essential oils, infused with Shea butter. The ingredients are natural and are less likely to irritate your skin. The beard balm can also be left in until you wash your beard as it contains Shea butter.

Verdict: Africology’s beard balm is a great all-in-one beard moisturizer and conditioner. I have used the beard balm on my moustache (because I have shaved my beard, using their great shaving cream).

You can shop Africology’s Shave Kit for only R270 from Africology’s online store or from the Africology spa's/stores throughout the country.

PS: Fathers Day is this weekend and if you are still looking for gift ideas, I recommend you buy the Africology Shave Kit. Your Dad will THANK YOU as this Shave Kit is the perfect gift to get him on his way to having great skin!

While you at the Africology spa/store, I also recommend you get him an Africology magnesium sports massage. The magnesium sports massage was created in conjunction with the doctors at Exec|Care. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin, and is vital to our physical and mental well-being. It  combats physical and mental fatigue, boosts focus, improves sleep, evens out blood pressure, keeps the bones strong, improves your mood and manages inflammation. When combined with a full-body massage, magnesium restores the fatigued body to a naturally energetic and restored state.

This is the perfect treatment and will be a great gift for you and your dad this Fathers day. The benefits from the spa treatment will continue long after your spa visit.

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