Wednesday 21 October 2015

Want to work in the fashion industry? Advice For Aspiring Fashion Designers

Are you dreaming of showing off your clothing at a major Fashion Week? If yes, read these fashion designer tips, you are going to be well on your way to making your fashion dreams come true.

Work Hard

‘It doesn’t happen overnight and its hard work, focus on improving quality always be conscious of what brand alignments you make’ – Terrence Bray

Terrence Bray - DFF 2015

Pursue Additional Educational Opportunities

‘Always be willing and eager to learn, do as many internships and training sessions as possible. The fashion and art industry is pretty scary and tough, you have to "become" fashion and always persevere. Being in fashion is an every growing experience and not something that just happens over night. Yes it is true, fashion can be glamorous and exciting, but in order to experience that you have to be willing to work very hard and long hours and always remember the behind the scenes hard work and effort is what creates the glamour and excitement.’ – Hugo Amos Swanepoel of Amos

Amos - DFF 2015

Learn the Business of Fashion

‘Being a designer in today's industry takes more than just a creative flare for design, it is the combination of a strong business mind with the ability to design for your chosen consumer, and the dedication to working hard to getting your brand out to the market.’Kat Shoesmith of Kat Shoesmith Designs

Kat Shoesmith Designs - DFF 2015

Image Credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo 

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