Friday 9 October 2015

It’s All About Authenticity – Introducing the PUMA #REPRESENT689 Crew and Story

PUMA started a project that captures moments in the lives of Jack Parow, Riky Rick, Das Kapital, PH Fat, Nonku Phiri, Nicci St Bruce and Rolo Rozay, while wearing PUMA’s Trinomic R698, a sneaker rich in heritage.

Represent698, a dynamic mix of interviews, video, imagery and social media activity, is an opportunity for creative minds to explore what it is to Represent, and for artist, rapper and producer Riky Rick it’s all about authenticity: “Anyone can make the greatest hits in the country, but not everybody can know themselves and put themselves into their music. That’s the most difficult part. I’m here to Represent millions of kids, I’m somebody who has gone through what they are going through.”

Authenticity’s twin brother honesty is also the key for madcap musical artist Jack Parow: “It’s important to be yourself and never pay too much attention to what people say. You’ve got to stay true to your own thoughts and beliefs.”

Singer Nonku Phiri agrees: “I tend to stick to my gut and do what makes me happy. I can only work from an honest place.”

Mike from rap crew PH Fat explains why teaming up with PUMA works for him: “They’ve got street and sport culture covered; they’re the most artistically enabling brand.”

The PUMA collab is also exciting for rapper Nicci St Bruce: “I like it when a brand can see you for yourself, rather than trying to make you into who they would like you to be.”

While DJ and producer Das Kapital welcomed the opportunity Represent698 provides to work with forward-thinking, legitimate people: “It’s fun that something as simple as a sneaker style can bring together so many unique people.”

But why all the fuss about a sneaker? Take it from a guy who knows his stuff, Rolo Rozay of PUMA SELECT: “The R698 is a sought after go-to shoe because the silhouette isn’t too out there and it’s versatile - you can play around with the look.”

Originally designed as a performance runner in the ‘90s, the R698 sped off the track to become synonymous with urban street style and cement its place in sneaker history. Styles to be found at PUMA stores nationwide, as well as selected sneaker retailers this season are the R698 Basic Tech Sport Women’s available in glacier-white for R1 299 and the R698 Mesh–Neoprene available in black for R1 399. There’s also the luxe R698 Allover Suede available in Italian plum, high-risk red, peacoat and black for R1 399 and the R698 Fast Graphic Women’s available in black-and-white, with coral details for R1 299.

As part of the collaboration PUMA will be releasing limited Boss Zonke Football Club shirts by Riky Rick as well as limited Parow Pythons Rugby Club jerseys by Jack Parow.

To find out more follow the Represent698 crew on Twitter and Instagram, as well as the PUMA to join the conversation.

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