Thursday 5 March 2020

Air Max Day: Keep those Airs looking mean and clean

Thirty-three years ago, the iconic Air Max sneaker line was launched on the 26th of March. World Air Max Day now takes place on this date annually. This sneaker line has seen numerous redesigns and colorways over the years, becoming a mainstay in streetwear and fashion culture.

Sneaker LAB have developed environmentally friendly biotechnology, which functions on a molecular level and continues working long after application, to help you Care for your Airs.

Ahead of Air Max Day, Sneaker LAB shoe care expert Cody Felix suggests getting your Airs looking their best:

Protect Your Investment
Air Max Day is a big deal for sneakerheads, especially since Nike drops new releases on the day, so keep your eye out for Air Max Quickstrike, Tier 0 or Nike LAB releases at your local sneaker boutique stores. If you’re planning to grab the latest release, make sure to protect your investment from Day 1, says Felix. As soon as you take them out of the box, spray on a protector product to prevent them from getting grimy.

Freshen Up
If your Airs have seen a few seasons, you’ll want to have them looking their best for Air Max Day. Start by brushing off any loose dust and dirt with a specially designed soft premium brush and follow this up with a cleaning solution that’s safe to use on all fabrics, such as Sneaker LAB’s range of products.

Window cleaning
The window in the soles of your Airs was inspired by the open architecture of Paris. Designer Tinker Hatfield cut a small window into the Air Max 1’s midsole, creating ‘Nike Air’ for the first time. To keep the light streaming through the soles of your Airs, don’t be scared to give them a good scrub, says Felix. Using your sneaker cleaner and soft brush, gently apply more pressure to the midsoles and soles of your shoes to remove any stubborn dirt, he suggests.

Keep The Colours
The numerous colourways released for your Airs make them a great fashion statement, but they can make cleaning a challenge if you’re not using the right product. Chemicals, bleaches and dishwashing liquids can all have disastrous results on your sneakers with fading colours or turning whites yellow. Rather use Sneaker LAB’s environmentally friendly Sneaker Cleaner that works at a microscopic level to clean, care for and protect your shoes in a non-harmful way.

Lace Up

Laces are the first part of your sneakers to show the dirt, but traditional washing techniques can leave coloured laces faded. Fortunately, these are easy to clean – soak them in a solution of water and Sneaker Cleaner to have them looking brand new, says Felix.

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