Friday 19 August 2016

First Look: Butan Wear’s Second Drop For This Season

Butan Wear has released their second drop for the season! Each piece in the collection has a cool and unique story. Peep the collection below, which is now available in stores and online!

‘Impi’ Baseball Cap

The cap pays homage to the fighting spirit of the indigenous tribes in Africa. It features a a deconstructed traditional shield logo.

‘Black Star’ Baseball Cap

The ‘Black Star’ baseball cap pays tribute to Pan-Africanism with the infamous tri-colour band embroidered on the left temple. The cap features a tribal mask on the front panel which serves as an identity to the roots of African people.

‘Wax Camo’ Pullover Hoody

The ‘Wax Camo’ pullover hoody features a combination of abstract camouflage and a pattern which is typically found on West African wax textile prints.

‘ZA-Kuza’ Crewneck Sweater

‘ZA-Kuza’ Reversible Bomber Jacket

The ‘ZA-Kuza’ crewneck sweater and reversible bomber jacket was inspired by the full body tattoo art which the Japanese Yakuza gangs are known to mark themselves with. The design has a uniquely South African twist on the art style, incorporating elements indigenous to South Africa in place of the Japanese elements which the Yakuza use.

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